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Cottage Cheese + Crackers


This is an easy snack to prepare and high in fiber and protein. Snacks that are high in fiber and protein keep kids feeling full longer.



100% whole wheat, low sodium crackers (such as Triscuits with a HINT of salt)

Cottage Cheese



Put some cottage cheese on the crackers, as shown in the photo

You can eat them with your fingers!

If you like to eat with a spoon, you can mash the crackers on top of the cottage cheese in a bowl.

It tastes delicious with fresh tomato slices or canned pineapple on top!


Nutritional information:


Triscuits with a touch of salt are the only type of crackers I buy. These are the reasons:


#1 They are very low in sodium, only 50 mg (see label to the right). Compare them to Goldfish which has 250mg for the same amount of crackers! Foods that are high in salt are not good for children.


#2 They are 100% whole wheat. Whole wheat flour has more fiber than just plain wheat flour. Fiber helps children to have a bowel movement and also helps them feel full longer. Look at the ingredients section on this label. As you can see, it says "whole grain wheat." Always try to buy crackers that have the words "whole grain" listed right after the word "ingredient."


I always have cottage cheese in my fridge for the following reasons:


#1 It has 13 grams of protein per ½ cup. Children 1 to 3 years of age only need 13 grams for the entire day!


#2 High calcium content. Calcium is important for growing bones.

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