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Emotional Toast


Emotional Toast


My kids love making sugar cookies, mostly because they are fun to decorate!  Toast can be just as fun, but without all the added sugar and butter you find in cookies.  PLUS! You can add veggies to the top of toast!  Here’s a fun snack (or lunch) idea to lighten up your February.  For a fun twist, use cookie cutters to cut hearts out of the cucumbers.



Whole wheat sandwich bread

Reduced fat cream cheese (or hummus)

1 radish

1 cucumber

1 can sliced olives


Toast whole wheat bread until firm.  Top with low fat cream cheese or hummus.  Add sliced olives, radishes and cucumbers to make different faces.  You can bite the middles out of cucumbers (and bite them in half) to make the mouth shape. Experiment with any vegetables you have in your fridge or pantry.  Try using egg salad or grated carrots for silly hair.  Bonus:  Read a book from the library about emotions like “The Feelings Book” by Todd Parr

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