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Budget Friendly Cooking Class

Feeding America reports that Americans waste 444 billion dollars of food every year (

The most important thing you can do to cut your grocery bill is prevent food waste!!!

Here's one surefire way to prevent food waste: take a weekly inventory of what's in your fridge/pantry and plan meals using what you already have. I discussed this in my meal planning blog post a few weeks ago.

But there's an even easier way to prevent food waste: Freeze old food BEFORE it goes bad.

There are two foods that go bad very quickly: #1 bananas and #2 leafy greens

Luckily, these foods also freeze extremely well.

They also make the yummiest smoothie you've ever tasted when blended together with peanut butter and milk.

On February 27 from 5:30-6:00 pm, I will be teaching a live zoom cooking class about green smoothies and how to use your freezer to prevent food waste.

If you want to learn with me live on zoom, click this link to sign up (class is free):

You can purchase ingredients and cook along with me, or you can just login & listen.

Either way, you will learn tips and tricks for saving money while eating well.

Can't join me for class?

Here's a link to one of the recipes we will be making:

Have great week!

Wondering what I've planned to eat this week?

Here's my menu (it's typed up this week because I'm going to be away from home all week, and I needed everything to be very organized for the babysitter):




Tortellini soup

Rolls from the freezer

Apple slices



Option: bread from the freezer

Green beans from the freezer

Orange slices

*take barbacoa pork out of freezer for friday


Beef Stew

Rolls from your freezer

Apple slices

*take white chx chili out of freezer for saturdat


Pork tacos (freezer meal, just reheat)

Sliced cabbage, chopped radishes, corn tortillas, avocados, salsa

Canned pineapple


Lunch: white chix chili w/leftover toppings from tacos last night + chips + frozen mangoes

Dinner: leftovers/clean out the fridge


Lunch: tomato soup/cheese sand/apple slices

Dinner: waffles + eggs or whatever you wanna make

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