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Infant 6-12 months:
Getting Ready to Eat with the Family


Your child's eating abilities will change every day.  How do you know what to offer?

Read below to learn more about how to start your baby on solid foods and advance him to table foods.

Feeding tips for 6-12 month olds

Step 1: Set the scene

The most important thing you can do to get your baby ready for table food is to get into the "meal habit" yourself.  

Feed yourself 3 meals a day and 1 -2 snacks.  Babies learn how to eat from watching you.  Try to time your infant's feeding times around your mealtime.

If you aren't currently eating 3 meals a day, now is the time to start this important healthy habit!  If you need help with meal planning, get your family advocate to refer you to the Registered Dietitian.

Step 2: Dont start solids until your infant is ready

Want to prevent obesity?

Let your baby stop eating when he shows he is full.

Watch this video from the Ellyn Satter Institute to see a baby who is done eating.

A full version of this video is available from your FA in English and Spanish.

Only Breastmilk and Formula in the bottle

Wait to give cow's milk until 1 year.

Give water in an open cup during meals.

Avoid juice, it is not healthy for your child.

No soda or other sweetened beverages for baby.

Let your baby feed himself as soon as possible

Letting babies feed themselves can help prevent picky eating.

It also helps your child learn to use his hands!


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Keep trying new textures

Babies who are fed purees too long become picky eaters.


It is VERY important to offer different foods, flavors, and textures. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Prevent your child from choking

Sit with your child during meals

Cut foods into 1/4 inch pieces

Avoid dangerous foods

Watch this video to learn more

Be savvy about allergies

Unsure when to offer peanuts, eggs, and dairy? 


Watch this video to learn how to prevent food allergies in infants.

Give a source of iron at every meal

Pureed meats and fortified infant cereals are the best first foods for babies.  If not given, your baby may become iron deficient.

Video in Spanish not yet available.