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Pregnancy Nutrition

What you eat during pregnancy is important!

4 Nutrition Tips for

Pregnant Moms

#1 Eat Meals

Healthy eating can be very simple.  Just eat balanced meals!  What is a balanced meal?  Watch this video to find out.


#2 Take a prenatal every day.

Prenatal vitamin/mineral supplements prevent problems. Watch this video to learn more!


#3 Don't Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol while pregnant can harm your baby.  Watch this video to learn more.


#4 Avoid foods that can harm your baby

Other than alcohol, there are 2 main types of foods that can harm your baby.  #1) undercooked meat and fish or cold deli meat  #2) foods high in mercury.  Watch this video to learn more.


Meal Planning

For great tips on  



Vitamin Mineral

For a quick read about prenatal supplements, visit this link

Help with alcohol addiction

Find help for alcohol addiction through the US department of health and human services

Eating Fish

For more info on what types of fish are safe to eat while pregnant visit the FDA

Want to prepare for feeding your newborn? Ask your family advocate about these resources:


The "birth to 6 month" video is available through your Family Advocate

In this 10 minute video you will learn:

breastfeeding hunger signs

how to keep your breastmilk safe

pumping basics

bottle feeding safety

how to know when a bottle fed baby is full

signs that a baby is ready to start solid foods


Ask your Family Advocate to schedule a visit with the Registered Dietitian for a one-on-one consult over zoom.

elly satter videos.jpg

Ellyn satter videos

The following 3 minute videos are available through your Family Advocate


"Ashley" 3 week old infant: detailed breastfeeding video + help with sleeping

"Sebastian" 2 month old infant: detailed bottle feeding video

"Caroline" 3 month old infant: detailed breastfeeding information for older newborns

"Emerson" 4 month old infant: how to help a baby who doesn't eat much at one time

"Chase" 4 month old infant: video footage showing an infant who is NOT ready for solid foods 

in joy videos

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