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5 dietitian approved make-ahead meal ideas for busy May school nights

Updated: May 2, 2023

It was the middle of May. I stood in the warm kitchen happily chopping up veggies while listening to Jack Johnson. A warm breeze flowed in through the open window. Spring was in the air and I felt so relaxed.

And then......

My phone alarm went off....reminding me that we had T-ball at 4:30

And a track practice at 5:00

and a piano recital at 6:30

And now I only had 30 minutes to make dinner, eat dinner, find the T-ball uniform, and get everyone buckled in their carseats.

It was definitally May. The busiest month of the year.

Change of plans.

We found T-ball uniform, got everyone buckled into their carseats, ate cheese tortillas while driving and made it to practice (only 5 minutes late).

Fast forward 10 years.

I am older, wiser and better prepared for the insanity that is the month of May. I write out every activity on a paper calendar, I keep better track of sport uniforms, and most importantly.....

I meal plan.

Meal planning saves you loads of time because

  • you'll only make one trip to the grocery store for the week

  • you'll make meals ahead of time when there's zero time to make dinner

  • you'll have more time to do laundry, so you'll be able to find the t-ball uniform easier

Plus, when you eat at home instead of eating out, you will eat healthier, save money, and feel better.

Here's what we're eating this week. I hope some of these dietitian approved meals will help you make it through the first week of May.

how to prep ahead for this meal: On sunday, cook the rice, roast the veggies, buy microwavable veggies, pan fry the tofu instead of baking it (takes about 10 minutes), assemble everything when it's time to eat

Tuesday: crock pot vegetable and barley soup + no knead bread + apple slices (you could add stew meat if you want to add meat to this dish)

prep: assemble crock pot stew and bread in the morning before work

Wednesday: BBQ lentil sloppy joes + rice and bean salad + oranges (you could do barbeque beef if you don't like lentils!)

how to prep ahead: cook extra rice on sunday (when making rice for buddha bowls), boil lentils while the rice is cooking, assemble the salad on sunday (the salad is also great for lunches all week long).

Thursday: Lentil tacos, cabbage slaw, frozen mangoes

how to prep ahead: boil the lentils when you are cooking the rice on sunday

Friday: Homemade Pizza

prep: buy pre-made pizza crust at the store, assemble and bake your pizza with any veggies leftover in your fridge. Serve with a green salad and canned peaches

What are you eating this week? Leave a comment and let me know!

Want some motivation to get cooking?

Sign up for this month's cooking class. We will be making one of my summer staple meals: rice and bean salad. Here's the link to sign up:

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