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A recipe that screams "SUMMER!"

Do you hate cooking when it's hot? Me too!

To prevent myself from eating cheese tortillas for every meal, I make a big bowl of my favorite summer salad. This recipe just screams "summer" to me, it's full of summer veggies and is very refreshing. You can find the recipe HERE.

I usually make Rice and Bean Salad on Saturday and then we eat it for 5 days until it is gone. This recipe is easy, healthy and versatile. It's good as a main dish, side dish, or inside a tortilla/burrito. I even like it for breakfast!

It's also perfect to pack into a lunch. I put it in old sour cream containers with an ice pack and take it on picnics or vacations.

If you want to try out this recipe, JOIN US for cooking class! Sign ups close Wednesday, August 18th, so ask your Family Advocate for help signing up today!

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