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Another way to get FREE FOOD this summer

Did you know that you can get free food at farmers markets this summer?

If you participate in SNAP, "you can get up to $30 of FREE Utah-grown fruits and veggies - per market day - when using your SNAP (food stamp) EBT Horizon card at participating farmers markets. The program works by matching SNAP benefits, dollar-for-dollar, up to thirty dollars at participating markets."(quote from

So if you spend 30$ at the farmers market, you get 30 MORE dollars to spend on fruits and veggies at the farmers market! Think of all the fresh corn, watermelon and basil you could buy with that!!

Fresh cherry season, here we come!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Check out this website to find a participating farmers market near you:

Here's a list of the farmers markets in Salt Lake County, for all counties, click the link above!

Happy Shopping! Next time I'll share my favorite recipes for fresh summer produce!

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