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Family Menu August 8-10

Having a meal plan for the week is the best way to make sure your kids eat well. It minimizes shopping trips and saves you the headache of trying to figure out what to cook when kids are HANGRY (Hungry + Angry). August, September and October meals will focus on fresh vegetables from my garden. I love greek food, so we eat tabbouleh and tzatiki a lot! If you don't have a garden, shopping at a farmers market is the BEST way to shop for vegetables in the summer and fall. With the double up program, you can double your food dollars at farmers markets, check out the details here


LUNCH: Hot Ham + cheese on bagles with fresh carrots and garden tomatoes

DINNER: Steak + zuchinni stir fry, brown rice, canned pineapple


LUNCH: Cottage cheese, triscuits, peaches, garden cucumbers

DINNER: rice + black beans with fresh garden salsa


LUNCH: Leftover rice and beans with salsa

DINNER: tzatziki, tabbouleh (check out the link! there are videos on how to cut tomatoes and parsley!), hummus, tortillas


LUNCH: tzatziki, tabbouleh, hummus, homemade tortillas

DINNER: Green salad with grilled chicken (just marinade in italian dressing and cook on grill until 165 degrees), fresh peaches, fresh croutons (sourdough bread torn up)


LUNCH: leftover salad

DINNER: pizza using winco whole wheat dough, topped with fresh mozzerella, garden tomatoes and basil


LUNCH: lftover pizza

DINNER: Chana masala with store bought naan bread

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