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Dinners for the first week of school

My kids started school this week (yay!). It's been tooooo long since they've been gone and I was excited for them to go. I like them to have a favorite dinner to look forward to the first week of school, so I had them plan the menu. Luckily their comfort foods are pretty simple.

Monday: sourdough bread (I buy it at my local smith's for 1$ in the discount bin) topped with pesto, garden tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. I grow a lot of basil, it's one of the easiest things to grow here in Utah! Pan fried eggplant. Grapes and green salad from the garden on the side.

Tuesday: Enchiladas using this EASY recipe from Taste of Home (a great place for simple recipes) with watermelon (only 4$ at walmart this week!).

Wednesday: My daughter wanted hamburgers, but hamburger was way too expensive, so I'm making black bean burgers using this recipe from epicurious. Watermelon and potato salad on the side. I always use whole wheat buns to make it healthier.

Thursday: store bought pita bread, naan, hummus, tabouleh and tzatziki

Friday: Homemade pizza topped with pesto, peppers, olives, spinach and cheese. Green salad from the garden + canned pineapple.

Saturday: tortilla soup with tortilla chips, sour cream and avacado

Sunday: eat any leftovers in the fridge and probably ramen noodles cooked with some veggies.

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