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Fun and Healthy St Patricks Day Food Ideas to Make with Kids

Grocery stores must sell a lot of food dye in March. Our elementary school died eggs green for Dr. Seuss on March 2, and I’m sure they plan to dye the milk green for St Patrick's day. To celebrate the holiday, some parents set out green frosted pastries for breakfast along with chocolate gold coins.

Sometimes my kids probably wish I wasn’t a dietitian.

There aren’t piles of gold coins or green frosted cupcakes at our house. On St. Patrick's day, we celebrate with GREEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! There are so many yummy and naturally green foods! (my kids will thank me later....maybe....when they are adults).

Image by Vanessa Loring

Here’s a few healthy ways to celebrate everything GREEN:

Breakfast: Green smoothies, especially the peanut butter-spinach-banana one: (I know peanut butter + spinach sounds gross, and this photo is not the best....but everyone who tastes this smoothie asks for more!) If you like peanut butter, you’ll love this smoothie!

If your kids haven't tried green smoothies yet, this is a perfect opportunity to start!

Lunch: Green pesto noodles + steamed broccoli + green grapes


1. boil noodles,

2. top with jarred pesto sauce

3. top with microwaved broccoli (this kind cooks in the microwave)

4. Enjoy your easy meal- it’s easier than mac and cheese!

Tip: Costco pesto is the yummiest. The nearest Costco is 150 miles away from my house, so I just buy whatever they have a Walmart, it's not as good, but my kids still devour it.

Have fresh basil? Homemade pesto is 100 times better than the jar stuff. Here's a recipe (I always use almonds, they are cheaper than pine nuts)

Remember to chop grapes safely for kids younger than 3!

image credit: Augustinus Martinuz Noppe

Snack: Green muffins + sliced kiwis + pistachio nuts OR avocado shamrock toast (depends on the cost of avocado's this week)

Dinner: American/Irish meal: corned beef, potatoes, cabbage and Irish soda bread

image from click link for recipe

Dessert: Pistachio pudding from the package! Being a dietitian doesn't make me 100% boring. Just 80% boring. Unless you like GREEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Then I'm 100% fun.

One thing is for certain: my kids are not afraid of green foods. They start out eating them as babies and we have them almost every meal. It's hard to be afraid of something you are exposed to 3 times a day!

I hope you have a happy, healthy fun holiday with your family!


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