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Cute and Healthy Food Crafts Fun-Moms Make for Halloween

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

“Why do you have to be a dietitian, Mom?, it ruins all of our fun!” my 5 year old pouted.

I had just finished telling him that we couldn't have only halloween candy for lunch.

As I served him up a tuna sandwich with a Milky Way on the side, I thought to myself “Why does all fun have to involve candy?''

I don't like setting limits around treats and candy. I worry: "Am I too strict? Am I ruining all of my kids' fun? Am I making my kids crazy about treats?"

But I still do it because I know it's important. (read more about how to do it here)

I wanted to argue and defend my fun-mom-ness, but I knew arguing wouldn't help.

Arguing is not something fun-moms do.

Instead, I got creative and came up with something fun and healthy to do together later in the day: Halloween food crafts


Using my friend google, I found fun Halloween lunch ideas: Frankenstein-avocado toast, mummy pizza and ghost toast. I’ve since re-created them and posted them here, here and here.

These recipes are FUN, healthy and within-my-food-crafting-abilities (meaning that they require ZERO skill).

The recipes also taste really good. I love peanut butter and bananas, and my son loves the mummy toast. Last week he made and ate 3 mummy pizzas! My oldest daughter is a big fan of avocado toast, so she made and ate several Frankenstein toasts.

This toast is a great way to have Halloween fun without candy.

Want to increase your fun-mom score? Please join us for cooking class on October 24 to make these easy toast recipes together. I will be dressing up in my Halloween costume to flaunt my fun-mom-ness, I hope you can join me!


For those of you that want it, here’s my menu for the week, click the links for recipes from some of my favorite food blogs!:

Sunday: Dinner in a pumpkin + strawberries + green salad + whole wheat bread

Monday: pumpkin muffins + zucchini muffins + apple slices

Tuesday: Zuppa toscana + whole wheat bread + honeydew melon

Wednesday: pumpkin red lentil curry + brown rice + naan bread + frozen mangoes

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