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How to make a hot dinner with an empty fridge

My kids ran inside before their wet hair turned to icicles. After an hour of swim practice in December, everyone was cold, wet and RAVENOUS. While they defrosted in the shower, I blankly stared into the (mostly empty) fridge. What could I concoct for dinner with a brick of cheese, 1/2 carton of sour cream, and the fuzzy mystery leftovers in the corner?

Usually, nights like these would result in cheese quesadillas with canned refried beans.

But even the picky child was tired of those.

It was too cold for smoothies and salad.

We had pancakes and eggs last night.

Little Caesars pizza would require driving and waiting.

We needed a miracle hot and filling homemade meal from pantry staples.

And that's when I came up with white chicken chili!

It's filling.

It's fast.

It's as popular as baby shark in a room full of toddlers

and best of all

It's made from pantry staples (or leftover turkey if you have it from Thanksgiving)

Want to try the recipe out for yourself? Join us for Cooking Club Tuesday, December 6th. Click this link to register.

Registration closes Wednesday 11/30.

Next time you need to make dinner on an empty fridge, I hope you'll remember white chicken chili (it's so good you'll never find it growing mold in the back corner of your fridge).

Have a happy, healthy week!


P.S. Here's my menu this week:

Monday: white chicken chili + green salad + pomegranates apple salad

Tuesday: tuna noodle casserole + roasted brussel sprouts + apples

Wednesday: crock pot elk roast + oven roasted sweet potatoes + canned peaches

Thursday: crock pot lentil soup + whole wheat bread + canned peaches

Friday-Sunday: visiting friends and family, they will cook for us, yahoo!

Have a great week!

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