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In the deep dark depths of my freezer

I love my freezer. I buy things when they are on clearance and stick them in the freezer until I can use them. This week, I'm planning my menu around things I've found in the depths of my freezer: fancy cheeses, whole limes, whole peppers, leeks, bacon, tomatoes from last year's garden, frozen steak and fish.

Did you know you can freeze all of those things? Smith's frequently clearances out their poblano peppers, lemons and limes. I buy the entire bags for 1 dollar and stick them in my freezer whole. When I'm ready to cook with them, I just microwave them until soft and cook them.

Here's the menu I created from things found in the deep dark depths of my freezer. Have a great week!

Monday: daughters birthday: takeout pizza + green salad

Tuesday: Cooking Class! Quick microwave oatmeal + breakfast burritos

Wednesday: Corn and poblano chowder with gouda cheese (using poblanos, corn, gouda cheese and leeks from my freezer)

image from link above (

Thursday: Creamy coconut lentil curry (using tomatoes and ginger from my freezer)

image from link above (

Friday: tuna salad wrapped in a tortilla

Saturday: fish + steak tacos + cabbage slaw (using frozen steak and fish from my freezer)

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