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It's summer: the oven is off limits!

My house is HOT. Our air conditioning doesn't work well, and by noon it's usually 80+ degrees inside the house. So the oven is off limits for meal prep from June to September.

One of my go-to-no-oven summer meals (other than watermelon) is curry. It's fast, easy, and accommodates any kind of veggie I have growing in the garden. Right now I make it with peas, onions, chard, cauliflower and cabbage. In a month I'll be adding eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes and green beans. It's a healthy hot meal that doesn't heat up the house.

You can find the recipe by clicking this link. The recipe you'll find there is made using ingredients that are inexpensive at the store year round, but you should use whatever vegetables you have on hand.

Spices are expensive when you first buy them, but they will last for many many recipes. To cut costs, I buy spices in bulk at Winco or Sprouts. Here's some other curry recipes to try that you might like more than my version! Have a fun and HOT summer day!

Cauliflower Curry from Budget Bytes

Curry Recipes from Vibrant Soul (look under the soups and stews tab)

Red Lentil Curry from Allrecipes

P.S. This is the recipe for cooking class this month. If you missed the cooking class sign up, be sure to watch for next month's sign up list. We will be making hummus and tzatziki, another favorite summer meal!

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