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Last week's menu: quesadillas standing around the kitchen counter. This week's menu will be better.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I'm sorry I missed last week. I am selling my house and last week was over-the-top stressful. I think we mostly ate cheese quesadillas standing at the kitchen counter. Some weeks are like that. But the thing about healthy eating is that we can always try tomorrow, because we have to eat every day. I resolve to do a better job feeding my family this week and that starts with planning a menu. Here's my meal plan:

Monday: cabbage and ramen salad with pan fried tofu (just cook it until it's brown) and watermelon (using homegrown cabbage shown below)

Tuesday: meat tacos with lettuce, bell peppers and mangos

Wednesday: whole wheat noodles topped with peanut sauce, garden peas and chunks of broccoli and cauliflower (from my garden!), apples

Thursday: noodles topped with pesto sauce and chopped greens from the garden, grapes

(click link for a video and photos!)

Friday: pizza party with a friend!

Saturday: Pizza at another friends party!

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