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Quick and tasty meals for a busy week

This week is very busy for me, which means I don't want to take too much time cooking dinner. Even though I won't have much time to cook, I still make cooking and eating dinner a priority. Eating balanced meals together as a family is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to teach kids healthy eating habits.

Here's what I'm cooking this week:

MONDAY: breakfast for dinner. Oatmeal pancakes, crust less quiche, fresh grapes. I will use swiss-chard from my garden instead of spinach.

TUESDAY: Peanut noodles with cabbage ramen slaw and frozen mangoes.

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti squash with red sauce and cheese. Garlic bread and green salad with fresh tomatoes on the side.

THURSDAY: Chicken noodle soup, cheese sandwiches and honeydew melon. If chicken is expensive I will use tofu instead of chicken (just cut it into cubes and drop it in).

FRIDAY: We are going camping, so we will be eating hot dogs, pasta salad and cut apples.

SATURDAY: We will be driving home from camping and will probably eat pizza on the road.

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