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September Weather!

My air conditioning doesn't work well. To keep the house cool, I run fans early in the morning, keep the blinds closed during the day and I avoid using the oven. Now that we have two days of 70 degree weather, I can keep the blinds open during the day use the oven again without a (literal) sweat. I can also start serving my favorite easy dinner: chili!

The other wonderful thing about September is the availability of fresh peaches, pears and grapes! My family eats a lot of fresh fruit this time of year because it is affordable. In the winter months we mostly eat canned fruit and oranges. Eating food that is in season saves you money and tastes better.

Here's my menu plan for the week!

Monday: My favorite chili recipe with cornbread and avacados. Fresh cut peaches on the side.

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Tuesday: baked eggs with swiss chard from my garden. Bread from my freezer (I buy day old bread and freeze it to save money) and fresh cut peaches on the side.

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Wednesday: Panfried eggplant with fresh tomatoes and cheese on top + green salad and fresh cut pears on the side.

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Thursday: Peanut noodles with swiss chard from the garden and frozen peas. I will be posting this recipe on my site soon! Fresh grapes from the garden.

Friday: Easy enchiladas with garden salad and fresh cut peaches on the side.

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Have a great week and enjoy these couple of days of cool weather!

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