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Simple Summer Salads!

My menu is a bit sketchy this week. We're still trying to sell our house and we've had a lot of people coming to see the house around dinner time. Today we had to be out of the house at lunch time and dinner time! I'm running low on energy to cook a big meal and still keep my kitchen spotless for a house showing. So, we will probably eat out a lot this week or have simple things like quesadillas.

Instead of pretending like I'm going to follow a menu this week, I just want to share two salads I made and LOVED this weekend. I hope you enjoy them too. Both recipes are from this cookbook I found at my inlaw's house. I made 5 recipes from the book and we had ZERO leftovers...which was actually disappointing!

Here's the salads!

(this is a photo from the photo in the book because I ate the whole salad before I took a photo!)

This is also a photo of the photo from the cookbook. This was SO YUMMY served with tacos!

What is your favorite summer salad?? I would love to try it when I finally sell my house and can use my kitchen again! I would love to create a post with everyone's recipes next week. Please email it to me:

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