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The Weekly Spread 12/28-12/4

I hope your thanksgiving weekend was full of good food! It's cold and I'm in the mood for some veggie soups, as you can see from my menu this week!

Sunday: homemade black bean enchiladas w/SALSA (as we learned in cooking class, salsa counts as a vegetable!) - I was too tired to include any other parts to that meal

Monday: Leftover turkey soup with wild rice + orange slices + canned croissant rolls

  • FYI to make that recipe healthier, I'll use about 1 Tablespoon oil to cook the carrots and onion, and then I'll add in whole milk instead of half and half

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Tuesday: Potato and leek soup + whole wheat breadsticks + apple slices

(the leeks are frozen, but potatoes and apples are inexpensive winter produce)

image from

Wednesday: tuna noodle recipe from a cooking class participant (thanks Lanetta!) + applesauce

(I'll be adding frozen peas, the applesauce is canned)

Thursday: pumpkin black bean curry + naan bread + rice + mango smoothie

(using frozen broccoli and frozen mangoes!)

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Friday: pumpkin garbanzo bean soup + naan bread + pomegranates

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Saturday: leftovers, cottage cheese, crackers and canned peaches

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