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The Weekly Spread

Here's my weekly menu! Last week's split pea soup was really yummy. If you've got split peas in your pantry, I highly recommend it!

Sunday: salmon + leftover split pea soup + toast + grapefruit sections

(this recipe is really good, all my kids ate it too!)

Monday: Sausage + shells + oranges + frozen peas + green salad

(new recipe, my 9 year old chose it from a cookbook she got for Christmas)

Tuesday: Chicken + Rice + green salad + roasted sweet potatoes

Wednesday: Spinach Lasagna (march's cooking class recipe) + canned corn + apple slices

Thursday: Chana Masala + rice + naan bread + frozen mangoes

Friday: out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory! (we got a gift card, this is maybe the third time my 5 year old has been out to eat at a sit down restaurant, eating out is a rarity for us)

Saturday: Cook up something with the leftovers in the fridge, maybe bean burritos

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