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The Weekly Spread

May is a busy time for sports and school concerts, so I'm making fast and easy recipes this week like the ones below. If you try one thing my menu this week, I recommend trying pesto noodles. Kids usually love them and it's a great way to eat your greens!

Monday: whole wheat pasta w/pesto sauce (from a jar) + sliced salami + cauliflower from the freezer + grapes

Tuesday: crock pot lentil soup + cheese sandwiches + chopped apples (I'm just going to put carrots, celery, onion, bouillon and lentils in the crock pot with broth and let it cook all day).

Wednesday: Instapot pulled pork sandwiches + coleslaw from a bag + canned pineapple

Thursday: One pot pasta (my 11 year old is cooking) + watermelon + green salad

Friday: Lettuce wraps (I will loosely follow that recipe) + pan fried tofu + boiled carrots + frozen mangoes blended with milk in the blender

Saturday: leftover night!

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