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The Weekly Spread: A Dietitian's Meal Plan

Buying things on discount and freezing them saves money on food costs. Growing a garden and freezing the extras also saves money. The only things I'm going to have to buy at the store this week are milk, garlic, curry powder and flour.

Are you interested in gardening? Family Advocates will be sending out information about how to join a community garden this week. If you even have mild interest, I encourage you to sign up! Gardening is a great way to get exercise, spend time and save money!

Things in my fridge:

  • leftovers

  • sour cream

  • yogurt

  • quart of tomatoes

Things in my freezer:

  • garbanzo beans I cooked and froze in a gallon bag

  • deer and elk meat

  • chopped cabbage from spring

  • chopped leeks from spring

  • frozen mangos from winco

  • naan bread, bought on discount and frozen

Things in the garden:

  • tomatoes

  • herbs: dill, thyme, basil, rosemary

  • cucumbers

  • bell peppers

  • lots of lettuce

  • kale

  • pears

  • carrots

  • potatoes


Monday: leftovers from last week (spaghetti squash gumbo, shown below) + apples + garden salad

Tuesday: tzatziki + hummus + naan bread + mango smoothie (frozen mangos and milk)

Wednesday: stew (I'll use deer) + crackers + pears

Thursday: leek cabbage soup (uses, leeks, cabbage, sour cream) + homemade whole wheat bread

Image from, link above

Friday: garbanzo bean curry + naan bread + green salad + chopped apples

Photo is of my daughter who used to hate curry when she was in kindergarten. She's 9 now, and it's one of her favorite meals. Got a picky eater? Just keep serving what YOU like to eat and they will learn to like it.

Saturday: red lentil kale soup + crackers + fresh pears

Image from Oh She Glows food blog, link is above

Sunday: Use up leftovers and make something creative!

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