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The Weekly Spread: A Dietitian's Meal Plan

It's dark, it's cold, and I'm ready for comfort food. At the same time, food prices have jumped in the past few weeks and I'm looking for ways to use the things I have in my pantry and like rice, noodles, dry beans and canned tuna. So here's a menu based on inexpensive comfort foods!

Monday: Tuna Noodle Casserole + cooked mustard greens + peach/grape smoothie

New casserole recipe, not my favorite, but it sure was easy! If you have a beloved tuna casserole recipe, please email it to me! We are doing tuna casserole for cooking class in January and I'm determined to find a recipe that is easy and yummy.

Tuesday: Bean Burritos + canned corn + apple slices. I cook my own beans in a pressure cooker, it requires no soaking and is so easy. Here's how you can do it yourself.

image from

Wednesday: Smokey Black Bean Soup + crockpot roll recipe (trying it for thanksgiving!) + apple slices

image from

Thursday: Butternut squash risotto + green salad + canned pears

(this recipe is a bit involved and is gourmet, but I have squash, apples and sage from my garden I want to celebrate!)

image from

Friday: Homemade pizza with zuchinni, pepperoni and pesto (all in the freezer!) + green salad + applesauce

Image from me! Taken this summer.

Saturday: Cottage cheese spinach lasagna + green salad + whatever fruit is left in the house

This is my favorite lasagna recipe, it's easy, it's yummy and my 11 year old is making it for us.

image from

Have a good cozy week!

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