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The Weekly Spread: a dietitian's meal plan

Did you read last week's blog about vitamin D? If so, you might be wondering....

What 3 oz of salmon looks like.

That actually might not be what you are wondering; but it is what I was wondering. So we bought some salmon last night for dinner and I weighed some before I ate it.

This is what 3 oz of salmon looks like on a plate and next to my hand. It's really small!

Why do I want to know what 3 oz looks like? Because 3 oz provides between 12 and 15 mcg of vitamin D, which is enough for the day (everyone age 1-70 needs 15 mcg per day). Vitamin D isn't found in a lot of other foods, so it's important to eat those foods or take a supplement.

Point of this photo: it's not very much salmon.

The salmon I bought was 8$ per pound. There are five, 3oz servings in 1 pound. Which would make this vitamin D rich food only $1.60 per serving. I think that's reasonable.

I plan to start adding salmon to my menu. I hope this encourages you to think about adding fish to your menu too.

Here's my dinner menu for the week:

Monday: (11 year old is cooking) Burrito Bowls + mango smoothie (just frozen mangoes and milk blended together)

Tuesday: (my 9 year old is cooking) Basic Noodles + roasted frozen Brussel sprouts + canned peaches

Wednesday: Quick Curry + rice + naan bread + mango smoothie

Thursday: Corn chowder (new recipe, lots of exciting ingredients) + cornbread

image source: fromachef'

Friday: Miso salmon, ramen with a package of frozen stir fry veggies

image source: america'stestkitchenkids

Saturday: Bean and Cheese burritos

Here's how I make my burritos

  1. In a big bowl mix: 1 cup cooked beans (drained canned beans work too), 1/2 cup pepper jack cheese, 1/2 cup salsa, and about 1 pound cooked ground taco meat

  2. Put about 1/3 cup filling in each burrito, roll them up and bake at 350 until warm throughout, about 20-30 minutes

    1. tip#1: I keep bag of cooked and frozen beans in the freezer, it saves $$

    2. tip #2: use whole wheat tortillas for more fiber

    3. tip#3: the meat is optional, if you leave it out, add less salsa

    4. tip #4 I don't actually measure, I just estimate the ingredient amounts

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