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The Weekly Spread: A dietitian's meal plan

I didn't make a meal plan last week. I got home from a trip and was playing catch up all week. So I winged it. We had Little Cesar's Pizza, McDonalds, breakfast for dinner, canned soups, ramen noodles, cheese sandwiches, and other random meals from whatever was left in the house. Some weeks are like that. I know that if I don't make a plan, we are aren't going to eat well. But I'm committed to get back into cooking this week. So here's my menu:

Monday: crockpot minestrone soup + store bought breadsticks + orange slices (my family was supposed to cook this while I was gone, but they didn't, so I'm making it today)

image from link above

Tuesday: (11 year old cooking) Brazilian rice and beans + frozen mango smoothies + Brazilian cheese bread

image from link above

Wednesday: (9 year old cooking) Home made macaroni and cheese (we use whole wheat noodles to make it healthier) + apple slices + frozen green beans

image from link above

Thursday: (5 year old helping) salad bar (greens + croutons + ham slices + canned kidney beans + canned beets + canned artichokes + frozen corn + frozen peas + homemade dressings)

Friday: lentil apricot soup + frozen flatbread I bought on clearance a month ago + sliced oranges

image from link above

Saturday: black bean burritos for lunch + fondue for dinner

Sunday: elk stew, hopefully enough that I can make pot pie with the leftovers for Pi day on Monday

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