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The Weekly Spread: A Dietitian's Meal Plan

Monday: PI DAY (as in the Math kind of Pi, 3.14159, since it is 3/14). We will be having shepherd's pie with apple pie for dinner (using some apples going soft in the fridge). I'll be using up leftover roast meat from Sunday's dinner - so I'll just kind of follow the recipe below.

Tuesday: (11 year old cooking) Tortellini Salad + grapefruit segments

I don't have photos or a recipe. Here's what we will do: cook tortellini, drain it, put it on top of baby spinach with Italian dressing, a can of drained artichokes, a can of drained kidney beans, toasted nuts and shredded mozzarella cheese. Walla, dinner is done.

Wednesday: (9 year old cooking) Meat tacos + orange slices + lettuce + bean/corn salad

Thursday: St Patrick's Day!

Breakfast: lucky charms + milk + green eggs (eggs with spinach)

Snack: green muffins + green smoothies

Dinner: Corned Beef, cabbage, potatoes, green apples

(corned beef isn't the healthiest, but it's a yummy thing to have once per year!)

Friday: Whole wheat crepes, filled with berries, nutella, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed mustard greens, possibly asparagus if there is any at the store

Saturday: Easy bean burritos + salsa + mango smoothie

Sunday: Elk Stew made by my husband + root vegetables + green salad

I hope you have a lucky week!

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