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The Weekly Spread: A Dietitian's Mealplan

This weekend I went through my pantry and discovered that I have a lot of canned tomatoes. So, my menu this week focuses on using up some canned tomatoes. It's still going to be chilly outside, so I'm focusing on more soup recipes.

The best way to save money on food is to avoid wasting it. Before you plan a menu, look in your fridge and pantry and find ways to use up the things you already have!

Monday: Homemade tomato soup + cheese sandwiches + green smoothie

This is the recipe image from, I'm positive mine will not be this pretty!

Tuesday: White chicken chili + cornbread + orange slices (my 11 year old was supposed to make this last week, but we ended up making lentil tacos instead)

Wednesday: Moroccan Lentil Soup (new recipe I'm trying!) + naan bread + canned peaches

Thursday: Instapot chicken meal (my friend started a business selling pre-made meals that you freeze and then pop into your instapot, so I am trying that out. I don't love using the instapot - I like a more hands on approach to cooking - so we will see how I like this!)

Friday: Homemade pizza topped with arugula from the garden and prosciutto (a kind of ham that I bought on clearance and stuck in the freezer months ago). I like to use the frozen whole wheat crust from WINCO. This is a pizza I made last summer:

Saturday: Chili + cornbread + green salad + apple slices

Sunday: Green salad topped with elk steak (my hubby is in charge of this meal)

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