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The Weekly Spread: a Dietitians Meal Plan

You may have noticed that my meal plans have a lot of "parts." Those "parts" are the keys to healthy eating. To maximize nutrition, I try to have these 4 parts in every meal: 1)protein 2)fruit 3)vegetable 4)grain. Each food group has different nutrients, to get everything your body needs, it's important to include something from each food group.

This week, I'm going to label the parts of each meal I've planned so you can see it more clearly. I hope you are enjoying the weekly spread!

Monday: chicken and month's cook class recipe! (protein + grain), green salad (vegetable), canteloupe (fruit)

Tuesday: Lentil Lettuce wraps (protein and vegetable), grapes (fruit), brown rice (grain)

Wednesday: Cobb Salad w/hard boiled eggs and bacon! (protein and vegetable), watermelon (fruit), baguette (grain)

Thursday: Fall Harvest salad (vegetable + has apples in it), chicken corn chowder (protein and vegetable), apple bread (grain) - these recipes are from a kid's cooking kit we subscribe to called Raddish, if you have older kids, it makes a great Christmas present.

Friday: Homemade pizza using WINCO whole wheat pizza crust (grain, protein, and vegetable), green salad (more vegetable), watermelon (fruit)

Saturday: Miso soup with greens (protein + vegetable), Rice (grain), mango smoothie (fruit)

Sunday: Elk tacos or leftovers!

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