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The Weekly Spread: a Dietitians Weekly Meal Plan

Hello again! I hope you enjoyed last week's menu! Here's the spread for Sept 6-11:

Monday: Lunch: ground elk tacos + bell peppers, lettuce and canteloupe (pictured above)

Dinner: spaghetti using jar sauce + ground elk, garden green beans and garden grapes

(my husband hunts, so we have ground elk instead of ground beef)

Tuesday: trying out this sausage sheet pan dinner for October's cooking class + bread/butter + watermelon

Wednesday: red lentil lettuce wraps (similar to this recipe online) + canned pineapple + garden cucumbers + rice

Thursday: hummus + tzatziki + naan bread + tabbouleh + garden grapes

Friday: trying out this tofu sheetpan dinner for October's cooking class + brown rice + watermelon

Saturday: trying out this fajitas sheet pan dinner for October's cooking class + whole wheat tortillas + canteloupe

Sunday: baguettes with toppings like brushetta, pesto, tomatoes, and chicken salad + garden salad + garden grapes

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