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The Weekly Spread: the Dietitian's Weekly Meal Plan

I've had a few requests for my family's weekly menu, so I'm going to try to post them here once a week. Click the links for the recipes. If you make something off of this list, send me an email to let me know how you liked it (or didn't!).

Monday (pic above): Garden Minestrone Soup + baguette + fresh garden grapes, nectarines and cucumbers

Tuesday: One pot mac + cheese + fresh garden grapes!

(I pureed a big bag of cauliflower into the cheese sauce, used less cheese, and whole wheat penne noodles)

Wednesday: Stir fry (garden veggies + tofu) + brown rice + melons from my garden!

Thursday: rice and bean salad with tortillas + mango smoothie

Friday: Hummus, Tabouleh and Tzatziki on naan bread + fresh garden grapes (we are taking this camping, it's great make-ahead camping food.

Saturday: Clam Vermicelli (I only cook it for like 30 minutes+ I use fresh basil!!) + fresh garden salad w/cucumbers + you guessed it....fresh garden grapes (or a melon if there is a ripe one in the garden)

Sunday: Easy Bean Burritos (tortillas, refried beans, cheese) + garden peppers and fruit on the side

Have a great week!

PS Are you wondering what I cook for breakfast and lunch?

Breakfast: oatmeal, everyday for everyone. Here's my recipe

Lunch: leftovers, everyday for everyone (except the kids who take school lunch)

If there aren't any leftovers, then tuna sandwiches, cottage cheese and crackers, or a quick soup from garden vegetables (like this one)

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