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Try this easy homemade soup recipe with your kids when it's cold outside

"Why is it snowing again?" I thought to myself as I looked at the fat snowflakes floating past my window. The meal plan for the evening had been peanut noodles, but I wasn't in the mood for peanut noodles. I wanted something warm comforting and simple to improve my mood on this cold snowy night.

It was the end of the week and all I had in the fridge was wrinkly carrots, limp celery, and Belgian dark chocolate that I was hiding from my kids.

I had everything I needed for Veggie Noodle Soup (and everything I needed for a soul-soothing treat after the kids went to bed).

This easy, 15-minute recipe is a family favorite. It's my 10-year-old's favorite meal. When she was about 3, we checked out the "Disney Princess Cookbook" from the library.

This soup recipe was labeled "Seven Dwarves Soup." Every time she got to pick what we had for dinner, it was "7 Dwarves Soup." After checking the book out about 20 times, we finally purchased it.

Now that she's 10, she often cooks Veggie Noodle Soup by herself. It's so easy, you can make it by yourself too. But it's much more fun to cook it with your kids.

Here are 3 reasons to give this recipe a try:

  1. It's less expensive than buying cans of chicken noodle soup

  2. It's healthier than canned soup (more veggies + whole grains, and less salt!)

  3. It's fun to cook soup with kids!

Here are 4 things little kids can do to help you make this soup:

  1. chop celery with a butter knife

  2. measure the water

  3. put chopped vegetables into the soup

  4. watch for the water to boil and add noodles

If you let your kids help cook when they are in diapers, they'll be cooking on their own by the time they are 10. Trust me, the effort is worth the reward.

Looking for another great recipe to make with your kids? Try this bread recipe to go along with your soup. It's what my baby is helping me cook in the photo above.

You can also signup to cook bread and lentil soup with me and my kids at Cooking Club next Tuesday, January 24th at 4pm.

Click this link to signup, there are still slots available even though the signup closure date has passed:

Happy Cooking!


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