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What to eat in the heat!

Our glorious extended spring is OVER and the heat of summer has arrived. Never ending ninety degree days are in our foreseeable future. Using the oven is a big no-no at my house during the summer. Our AC doesn't work well and the house is always uncomfortably warm; using the oven would exacerbate that.

Since oven-baked anything is a bad idea, and even the thought of boiling water makes me sweat, I plan to serve up simple no-cook wraps and summer salads. Not only are they healthy, but also inexpensive, delicious and filling on hot summer days. Here's my no cook healthy menu for the week:

Monday: leftover barbacoa meat from sunday dinner + tropical cabbage salad

Tuesday: hummus, tzatziki, tabbouleh on naan bread + mango smoothie

Wednesday: tuna or chicken salad wraps (tuna mixed with mayo, whole wheat tortilla, lettuce, bell pepper strips) + watermelon

Thursday: going on a long trip - leftover wrap sandwiches

Friday: rice and bean salad + watermelon

Saturday: cafe rio salad (canned black beans on quesadillas with salad greens, store bought cilantro lime dressing and pico de gallo)

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