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What We Are Cooking This Week: Eggs!

The DDI VANTAGE home base program participants learned about eggs at cooking class this week. In case you missed class, here's what we learned:

Eggs have many nutrients a baby’s growing brain needs. They are a great first food for young babies because they are easy to eat and prepare! Plain unsalted cooked eggs are the best option for young babies, but the cooking class recipe for this week is a good choice for the baby's family! You can access the egg salad recipe by CLICKING THIS LINK.

This egg salad recipe is healthier than a regular recipe because we use plain yogurt for half of the mayo. Yogurt has more calcium and potassium than mayo, making it a healthier choice. If you are out of yogurt, you could use all mayo.

We also made peanut butter oatmeal cookies to go with the egg salad. These cookies take about 15 minutes start to finish and the dough is completely edible! They have NO added sugar, oil or butter, which means that your kids can eat as many as they want! You can find that recipe by CLICKING THIS LINK.

If you missed cooking class, I hope you can join us next time! Until then, try the recipes on your own time. Our recipe page has a lot of great meal ideas for young kids. Happy Cooking!

Here's a fast motion video of the cooking class recipes if you are interested!

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