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The Weekly Spread: A Dietitian's Meal Plan

It's supposed to be cold this week and maybe snow! So I planned a menu full of warm comforting soups. I'm savoring these cold weather comfort foods while I can!

I also want to put in a good word here about leftovers: If you can't eat them right away, stick them in the freezer. This week we are eating leftovers on Monday, leftover frozen soup on Wednesday, and leftover frozen lasagna on Saturday. Before I went to the store this week, I took an inventory of what was in my freezer and planned some leftovers into the week. I encourage you to do the same!

Monday: Leftover Pozole + rice salad from Sunday's dinner (my husband was an ambitious cook yesterday) + green salad + strawberries

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Tuesday: White Chicken Chili + cornbread + apple slices (my 11 year old is cooking)

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Wednesday: Potato leek soup + breadsticks + orange slices (my 9 year old is cooking, I froze extra soup a few weeks ago, so she just has to make the breadsticks)

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Thursday: Pumpkin Curry + naan bread + berry smoothie

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Friday: Red lentil curry + naan bread + orange slices

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Saturday: Visiting family out of town, I'm bringing lasagna from March's cooking class (which I froze) and some salad greens

Sunday: Easter dinner with family out of town. I'm guessing we will have ham, potatoes, rolls, green salad and fruit salad. We will all get in the kitchen and help grandpa cook while grandma tells us all what to do and how to do it, which we love.

Have a great week!

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