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The Weekly Spread: A Dietitian's Meal Plan

I'm back from fall break. I came home to an empty fridge, so I had to quickly make a meal plan and get to the store. I hate shopping without a plan and list, but when I've got a meal plan and a list of what I need, it's much less stressful! Sorry this is low on photos, I'll take some this week so there will be photos next time I post these recipes!

Here's what I already had:

chopped leeks in the freezer,

elk roast

apples from a friend's tree

the last tomatoes and peppers from the garden

roasted red bell peppers from the freezer

frozen peaches from a friend's tree

Here's my menu:

M: Mollie Katzen Tortilla Soup (uses up all those tomatoes, peppers and roasted peppers from the freezer) + quesadillas and avocados

T: Elk roast on whole wheat tortillas with salsa and cheese (pretty much a taco), peach smoothies, lettuce from the garden

W: Crock Pot Leek soup, sliced apples, green salad, cheese sandwiches

Th: Tacos, my 11 year old daughter found some new recipes she is going to try.

F: Squash Goulash + the last melons from the garden + green salad + toast

S: Vegetable Tortellini Soup + sliced apples + whole wheat bread

(image from

S: Make something creative with leftovers

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