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The Weekly Spread: Attempting to love my insta-pot

I'm not a fan of kitchen gadgets. I have a small kitchen and I like to keep things simple. I was gifted an insta-pot a few years ago, but mostly just use it to make beans. As I am packing and moving, I rediscovered my insta-pot and decided to give it another chance. If it's taking up space on a shelf, I better figure out how to use it!

Here's my insta-pot menu:

Monday: insta-pot pepperocini beef sandwiches (put steak in the instpot with pepperocinis and cook 70 minutes then put it on top of rolls for sandwiches) + cabbage/ramen salad + watermelon

Tuesday: Ground beef tacos + whole wheat tortillas + rice/bean salad + watermelon

Wednesday: Instapot cabbage soup + store bought rolls + grapes

image from feasting at home

Thursday: instapot chicken + tortillas + mango spinach smoothies

image from

Friday: Food truck meal at Utah Art's Festival (there are activities for kids and it's free for kids to enter, we rarely eat out, as you see on this blog, but when we do I try to make it a cultural experience!)

Saturday: leftovers or tortillas w/cheese and beans

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