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3 Ideas for cutting back on your summer grocery bill

I can't believe how much the price of food has gone up lately. I made a quick trip to the store last week for a camping trip thinking that I would only spend about 100$. Nope. A few days of groceries cost me $200!

If the cost of groceries is killing you too, here's a few guaranteed ways to make your grocery budget go further.

#1 Drink Water

Cost of a 12 pack of soda: about 8$

Cost of water from the tap: FREE

Soda can be fun treat, but if you drink 1 can every day this summer (90 days), you will spend 60$ a person on soda. For my family of 5, that equates to 300$!

If you are looking to save money on your grocery bill, save soda for special occasions.

Don't buy it every week at the store.

#2 Cut your own watermelon

An average sized watermelon contains about 20 cups of watermelon and costs $4.68

A precut container of watermelon contains 4-6 cups and costs $4.58

Cutting your own watermelon saves SO MUCH MONEY!

This advice holds true for any cut and packaged fruit. If you wash and cut your own fruit you'll save so much money!

Worried that you'll buy a bad melon? Most stores will exchange a bad melon for a good one. If you choose bad watermelon, just ask if you can exchange it, most stores will say yes!

#3 Buy fresh veggies instead of chips

It's a common misconception that junk food costs less than fresh vegetables.

In the image below, notice the cost per ounce of chips.

It ranges from 22 cents/oz to 60 cents/oz

bag of Doritos = 41 cents per ounce.

bag of carrots = 4.9 cents per ounce

cucumbers = 12.3 center per ounce

bag of celery = 7 cents per ounce

Want to cut back on your grocery bill? Buy fruits and vegetables! Not only are they less expensive than chips + treats, but your family isn't going to eat them as they will last longer.

Save chips for special occasions.


Simple healthy foods are NOT more expensive than chips and soda If you drink water instead of soda, veggies instead of chips and cut your own fruit, you'll save a ton of money at the store.

Want more idea on how to save money at the grocery store?

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Thanks for reading!

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