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The #1 most effective way to save money and eat healthy

Happy New Year!

If you are like half of all Americans, you probably made a 2024 New Years Resolution to

1) spend less money


2) get healthy by exercising more and eating better

In my 16 years as a dietitian, I've learned that the #1 most effective goal you can make to save money and eat better is to:

Meal plan

Kinda boring huh?

If you.....

Plan 5-7 days worth of meals (using some tips from a dietitian)

Only buy the foods you need to make those meals

Cook the meals you planned (don't go out to eat)

You will eat healthy and save money.

But if you......

Plan meals

buy ice cream and soda in addition to what you need at the store

go out to eat instead of cooking what's on your meal plan

You won't save money or eat well

The trick is to have self control at the following 2 points in time:

#1 at the store (when you don't waste money on food you don't need)


#2 at home (when you actually cook what you planned to cook, and prepare lunches/snacks to take to work so you aren't tempted to eat out)

Easier said than done right?

The key to successful meal planning is to have a Registered Dietitian help you.

If you are interested in meal planning ask your Family Advocate to schedule a free visit with the DDI Vantage Registered Dietitian.

You can also Subscribe to this blog (hover on the word "blog" at the top of the page) to get an email every time I post a blog about meal planning. I plan to post about meal planning every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks in January 2024.

Happy New Year!


Here's my meal plan for the week.

Saturday: taco soup for lunch, early new years party snacks for dinner

Sunday: Big green salad with apples, pecans, sweet potatoes and homemade croutons

Monday: cheese fondue with apple, mushroom, broccoli and whole wheat bread dippers

Tuesday: elk stew + homemade whole wheat cornbread + orange slices

Wednesday: spaghetti squash topped with ground elk goulash + orange slices

Thursday: broccoli + walnut stir fry over brown rice + pineapple

Friday: meal plan grocery shop

I'll go through it piece by piece over the next 4 weeks to show you everything I think about when planning a menu so that I'll actually cook what's on it.

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